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As you know, land property is a scarce asset (scarcity). This happens because the land area on the earth's surface is fixed, it cannot be increased. This is what makes land prices increase over time, so that only a small number of people can afford to own land in strategic locations. While others only own land in suburban locations with limited accessibility or even cannot afford to own land at all. Virtual Land (VL) opens equal opportunity for all of you to own virtual land in your desired location with the same initial price for all locations. This is the best opportunity for you to have VL in strategic locations that you may never have in the real world.

Just like land property, each VL lot is rare and unique, differing from lot to lot. Due to the nature of scarcity, VL is no less attractive than land property which can provide gains from the appreciation of the value of VL.

To get a gain, you can sell VL certificates on the secondary market with a commission deduction that has been determined by the developer. For those of you who didn't get VL on the initial market, you can buy VL on the secondary market using cryptocurrencies BTC, BNB, BUSD, USDT, and Litecoin. In addition to getting a gain from the appreciation of the value of VL, the owner of the VL will also get a gain from the VL lease which will be developed by the developer as a metaverse property. Of course this is a plus compared to ordinary properties. VL metaverse properties require no maintenance and are tax free.

Have VL immediately in the initial market before the price goes up and make you the first generation of metaverse property owners.

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